Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Profile: We are proud to be the pioneers in air medical transports in the subcontinent and continue to be the largest and safest provider of air transport services and medical assistance. Since 2021, patients, their families and various organizations have trusted us to safely transport their loved ones. We are the largest provider of air ambulances (fixed wing and rotor) in this part of the world and have earned a reputation of high safety standards and professionalism both nationally and internationally. Our extensive experience of over one decade of serving the aero medical field allows us to confidently and efficiently evacuate seriously injured or sick patients from even the remotest of areas. First One Stop medical evacuation & Air Ambulance Provider in India

We provide air ambulance transportation service to Private Individuals and, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Assist Companies, Cost Containment Companies and other providers of medical care. Our service is all inclusive, including 100% of the necessary arrangements, to transfer your loved one. AAWI provides service including the ground transportation in both cities, air ambulance aircraft with specialized medical team, as well as all coordination with the family. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS when AAWI moves your patient.

Our Services for Ambulance

Basic Life Support (BLS)
Basic life support is a level of care that is concerned primarily with monitoring and maintaining a patient's vital signs during the medical transport. The availability and use of medical equipment is minimal

Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
We have specialized medical equipment and personals specially trained to use sophististic-ated medical equipment’s with appropriate medical protocols. This level of care is comparable to any intensive care unit.

Trauma Management & Transport
This includes management & transport of trauma patients under the realms of EGDT (Early Goal Directed & Golden hour concept).

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